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    Coastal Construction Control Line (1997)(1)
    Bathymetry (10ft Contours)(2)
    High Water Line(3)
    Mean High Water Line (State)(4)
    Public Use Management (Lines)(5)
    Major Roads(6)
    Service Roads(7)
    Bus Routes(8)
    Constrained Roadways At Lower Level of Service (CRALLS)(9)
    2001 Airport Noise Contours(10)
    2006 Airport Noise Contours(11)
    Edge of Pavement(14)
    Other Structures(16)
    Variance Parcels(Line)(17)
    Layer Removed(18)
    Layer Removed(19)
    Layer Removed(20)
    Surge Zones(21)
    TPS Driveway Locations(22)
    TPS CRALLS(23)
    TPS Laneage(24)
    TPS Selected Links(25)
    TPS Projects(26)
    TPS Projects Query(27)
    TPS Intersections(28)
    TPS Traffic Signals(29)
    TPS Thoroughfares(30)
    TPS Road Names(31)
    Flood Zones 1982(32)
    Downtown Development Authority (DDA)(34)
    Chambers of Commerce(35)
    Economic Development Organizations(36)
    Tourist Development Agencies(38)
    North Amercian Industry Classification System (NAICS)(39)
    Existing Land Use(40)
    Layer Removed(41)
    Speed Limits(42)
    County Maintained Roads(43)
    State Maintained Roads(44)
    Layer Removed(45)
    Layer Removed(46)
    Layer Removed(47)
    Layer Removed(48)
    Layer Removed(49)
    Layer Removed(50)
    ERM Natural Area Trails(51)
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